Adric Giles & Buddy's Diner photographed by David Hebb. 

Let Me Tell You A Story

Buddy’s customers kept asking for a take out menu so we made one. A tight close up photo of the diner was needed for the cover, so early one morning David Hebb shot a number of photographs, including one featuring a bicyclist (Adric) riding by. Despite concern that the rider might object, this image was chosen. Some time later a young couple came in for breakfast and the woman (Jenna) recognized her boyfriend as the rider. Fortunately they were happy about the picture and we gave them an 8x10 as a thank you. 

Buddy's Dinner Painting by Heather Balchunas.

Santa at Buddy's Diner photographed by Steve Marsel

Let Me Tell You A Story

"Very early one snowy morning the week before Christmas 2019, local photographer Steve Marsel got out of a car parked across the street and walked into Buddy’s carrying a large light up Santa Claus. He had rescued this from the trash and was photographing it in various locations, including the diner. This was featured in a music video he made of the Santa." David Hebb

Let Me Tell You A Story

"British soul singer James Hunter and his then girlfriend had a day rate at the Holiday Inn to freshen up before a Cambridge gig that evening. They came into Buddy's for lunch, after which they became engaged at the diner. On a Sunday morning 5 years later I answered the phone and it was his then girlfriend, now wife, calling on their anniversary to thank the diner for it's hospitality." David Hebb